Friday, August 1, 2008

A Lengthy Analysis of China: Conclusion

Post 11 of an 11 part essay on how the recent unrest in Tibet is a barometer of the various internal issues and the international pressure that China is struggling to deal with.

The next few years, maybe even decades, will be very critical times for determining China’s future. As China finally starts to realize its full economic and international potential, it will become more and more of a force to be reckoned with. Various issues still remain, though, from the bitter regional disputes, the strong discriminatory currents, and the lack of economic balance and regulation to the self-serving government and the increasing international pressure. In handling the latest upheaval in Tibet, China moved in a distinct direction with regards to each of these issues. Subsequent incidents of some sort, whether in Tibet or elsewhere, will likely occur throughout the next few years where the government will again have to make decisions regarding China’s lingering issues. China’s eventual position on these issues will ultimately shape China’s internal development and, through its growing influence, global affairs as well.

Amidst involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan as part of its preoccupation on its “war on terror,” the United States would do well not to forget that state to state politics still dominate and shape the international environment far more than a few extremists groups ever could. And with the 20th century fading into the past, China is showing the potential to have a far greater power and impact on the United States than any other state. The United States, then, would do well to place a priority on relations with China as well as to monitor the events within China, for China’s reaction to such events, more so than anything else, will determine just what kind of a reality China will bring to the 21st century.

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Anonymous said...

This is a remarkably mature piece of work that brings in many facets of China to form a coherent story. I hope that Senators McCain and Obama read this perceptive article.

mr_pia3775549 said...

I wish you had written this before I took AP World. It would have been much easier.